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Upgrade Kit Deluxe for AVON S10

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If you already own an AVON S10 gas mask, this kit includes everything you need to experience the... more
Product information "Upgrade Kit Deluxe for AVON S10"

If you already own an AVON S10 gas mask, this kit includes everything you need to experience the vast possibilities of our Vast Breathing system. (Note: If you own an FM12 gas mask, we provide a slightly different kit!) The kit allows you to convert your gas mask. You can then connect the Breathing System and also turn your gas mask into an oral intercourse deluxe mask.

In this set you will find everything you need to convert your S10 or FM12:

- 1 conversion tool
- 1x mounting insert for the front
- 1x sealing cap to close the front insert
- 1x exhalation valve for S10 gas mask
- 1x screw-on holder Fleshlight Classic
- 1x screw-on holder Fleshlight GO
- 3x tunnel insert for gas mask (40 mm/45 mm/50 mm diameter)
- 1x Wondergrease

How it works:
You convert your gas mask with the included accessories so that you can use our inserts.
- remove the complete front plastic part and the inner mouth/nose cover of your gas mask
- place the "Front Mount" in the hole and tighten it slightly
- remove the RIGHT valve (speaking valve on the S10)
- our exhalation valve goes in there
- don't worry: if you want, you can restore the gas mask to its original condition!

Now you can use the six accessories of our breathing system. Simply screw the desired insert into the holder.

- the FLESHLIGHT holders allow you to insert the inlay of a Fleshlight Classic or Fleshlight GO - these are not included.

- with the TUNNEL INSERTS you can choose to screw on an opening of 40 mm, 45 mm or 50 mm diameter. These are ideal for inserting dildos, gag inserts or even your cock.

 - the FRONT GASMASK COVER allows you to gag someone with a sock gag or something similiar. The sub will not be able to spit the gag out. Also, this insert restores the classic look of the gas mask.

The Wondergrease and Vast Care Plastic included in the set are compatible with latex. You can thus make the screw connections a little more common without endangering the latex of the gas mask hood or polish the plastic.

To use the set with our rebreather system, you can find different rebreather sets in our assortment. Just get the set that suits your preferences. For the full experience, we highly recommend "Rebreather Kit Universal".

Color: black
Material: Kunststoff
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