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Amsterdamned Rebreathing Kit

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The infamous diver's mask "Amsterdammned" is part of our rebreathing syste,. Use it to have the... more
Product information "Amsterdamned Rebreathing Kit"

The infamous diver's mask "Amsterdammned" is part of our rebreathing syste,. Use it to have the weird, myterious look of this mask, combined with your favorite rebeathing system. This set contains our Rebreather incl. all necessary connections and a breathing bag, the diver's mask and the required splitter attachment. Experience breath reduction games in a revolutionary new way.


- 1x rebreather
- 1x Amsterdammned diver's mask
- 1x splitter for mask
- 2x 40 cm hoses with two screw connections male
- 1x breathing bag with 6 liters volume and screw connection to the rebreather

The REBREATHER is the heart of the VAST Breathing System. When you flip the switch, you switch between the air channels inside the rebreather.

- Switch position INTERNAL:
With a breathing bag connected to the rebreather, you breathe in a circular breathing pattern when the switch is in the "Internal" position. So you inhale and exhale the air from the breathing bag. The breathing bag is emptied and refilled like a bellows.

- Switch position EXTERNAL:
The "external" setting offers you a variety of possible play styles. With this setting you breathe in through the "Air-In" channel and out through the "Air-Out" channel. Your breathing is not affected and feels like you are just wearing your gas mask. However, thanks to numerous accessories, this switch position is also very exciting.

Simply connect a connecting tube with your favorite accessory (not included) to the "Air-In" port and enjoy the additional effects:
- SNIFFER allows you to experience odors (e.g. from worn clothes) especially intensively
- BUBBLER makes breathing more difficult, as you have to inhale strongly depending on the amount of liquid filled in.
- VAPORIZER can be used additionally or separately to supply you with a few puffs of poppers every now and then.
- N2O-Connector can be used with an N2O-capsule to supply nitrous oxide and comes e.g. between breathing bag and rebreather.

We recommend to use the rebreather in combination with the VAST Y-Front Latex Harness. With our Mulitpurpose Straps, the rebreather can be perfectly attached to the chest area of the harness.

Products that can be used for breath play should never be used alone! Make sure that you always play with a partner who is supervising the scene!

Color: black
Material: Kunststoff
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