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eVac DUO Cylinder 80 mm with Ultra-Electrode

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Vacuum pump and electrosextoy in one - that's the "eVac". It is unique and exclusively available... more
Product information "eVac DUO Cylinder 80 mm with Ultra-Electrode"

Vacuum pump and electrosextoy in one - that's the "eVac". It is unique and exclusively available at VAST.

Our product development is always looking for ways to add that little extra so you can have the best sex imaginable. With the development of the eVac, we proudly present the world's only hybrid toy for electrostimulation and vacuum play in one! High quality acrylic meets sleek smooth stainless steel. Three variants are just waiting to be discovered by you and to lift you to the ultimate orgasm heaven. Get ready for the hottest electrosex experience of your life!

The eVac DUO with Ultra Electrode:

The 245 mm long cylinder has an inner diameter of 80 mm - large enough to accommodate both cock and testicle at the same time. The base of the cylinder has an extra wide rim and is 10 mm thick, the edges are strongly rounded. This reduces the pressure on the pubic bone and the vacuum holds so effectively. The top of the cylinder carries two gas-tight, adjustable receptacles for electrostimulation.

This is where the Ultra-Electrode comes in: a stainless steel dilator with a 4 mm E-Stim connection, on which there is also a height-adjustable stainless steel dome. You push the tube, which comes in 8 mm and a whopping 10 mm thickness, into your urethra while you create the vacuum in the cylinder. Since both the length of the rod and the position of the dome are infinitely adjustable, you can set the Ultra Electrode exactly the way you need it.

At the same time, you can press the testicle electrode with its crescent-shaped arc onto the testicle and connect the second cable to the outer end.

If you now push your cock and testicles into the cylinder and create the vacuum with a hand pump, the cylinder will slowly suck your boner over the urethral electrode to the glans electrode. This leaves open many possibilities for play: Use the rounded end of the stainless steel tube to get small-area electric shocks on your glans before you start pumping to slide the electrode into your urethra. The more the electrode is inserted, the more contact area it has with your body - and the higher you can set the intensity on your electrosex device.

TIPS for using the eVac:

- Use gloves when playing! The entire electrode is electrified, so you should not touch the rod protruding from the top with bare fingers when your electrostimulation device is turned on.

- Always apply a light coat of petroleum jelly or any other grease to the inside of the two chrome-plated union nuts and the seals. This will make them air tight when lightly tightened, yet the rods can still be moved in a vacuum.

- The electrodes are dishwasher safe. It is best to clean the eVac with a soft bottle brush and dishwashing detergent.

- Before using the eVac, use a small round brush and apply silicone oil or other lubricant to the inside of the side walls. This way it won't fog up and the manhood won't stick to the side walls, but will spread comfortably.

You don't need to pump the testicles? Then check out the eVac with Ultra Electrode!

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