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Oxballs Z-BALLS Ballstretcher - Clear

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The new Z-BALLS cockring/ballstretcher by OXBALLS is ball bangin,' dick throbbin,' sack... mehr
Produktinformationen "Oxballs Z-BALLS Ballstretcher - Clear"

The new Z-BALLS cockring/ballstretcher by OXBALLS is ball bangin,' dick throbbin,' sack stretchin' goodness all rolled into one. Whether you're into stretching your nuts, snug cockrings, or both, Z-BALLS has got your ass covered. The unique shape and soft, stretchy TPR FLEXtpr are designed to cling to your junk in all the right places. This multipurpose ring is thick, squishy and feels fuckin' great swingin' around between your legs. Hook it around your sack for those low hangers or around the base of your cock for a vein popping rock hard stiffy.

And for the pig who loves it all, you can wrap it around both for some dual action nut swinging and dick gripping.

The "Z" shape not only looks badass but the spring-like design also gently pushes your balls down and away from your body for a sweet stretchin' sensation.

- super-versatile design can be worn as a cockring, ballstretcher or both
- Soft, blubbery material designed for comfort
- Doubles as a sling for a bigger, more pronounced bulge
- Unique, springy "Z" shape pushes balls down and away from the body for stretching sensation
- Made from Oxballs' signature soft, stretchy FLEXtpr

Farbe: transparent
Material: TPE
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