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Mystim John Butt Plug

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This buttplug with a 5 cm diameter is an ideal anal toy.The smooth metal plug gets thinner... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mystim John Butt Plug"

This buttplug with a 5 cm diameter is an ideal anal toy.The smooth metal plug gets thinner towards the baseplate so it will be held firmly up your butt by your sphinctermuscle. The seperation of the two poles takes place quite quickly so you'll feel the electric stimulation soon after insertion.You can either enjoy the erotic tickling sensation for hours of pleasure or vary and intensify the stimulation untill you reach a sensational orgasm.Made from medical grade aluminium, hand polished to mirrorshine. Try heating it with warm water or cooling it down in the fridge before use for an extra dimension of this kick.Lenght 10.5 cm, diameter 5 cm. Weight 300 grams.Polished medical grade aluminium.Connection: the short leads end with 2 pcs 4 mm female bananajacks.CE certified / 24 months guarantee from manufacturer.

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