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Sk8erboy BONE ME Socks

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Our brand new Sk8erboy BONE ME socks are a really hot cruising Highlight!    ... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sk8erboy BONE ME Socks"

Our brand new Sk8erboy BONE ME socks are a really hot cruising Highlight!

    The message "BONE ME" shows everyone your opinion. If you're passive and you like to have it off then these socks are perfect for you.
    Perfect for the next gay pride or the next party
    No long jabbering, the message is clear!
    Extra-long, even perfect for bondage games or blindfolding
    Labeling L Left and R Right on the socks for perfect readability of the message! Your F*cker will love to see your soles with this inviting message ;-)
    As always absolutely high-quality socks!
    Contrary to our other socks these are intentionally bitchy-thin produced
    The size is sewn up in the inner side
    You can combine it perfectly with our jock

Composition: 95% Cotton 5% elastane

ATTENTION: new socks have to be washed before the first use. They will get the final size then.

Farbe: weiss
Kontrastfarbe: schwarz
Material: Textil
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