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Mister B LUBE Sensitive 250 ml

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Content: 0.25 l (€91.80 * / 1 l)

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If you have sensitive skin, use sensitive lube. Mister B LUBE Sensitive has all the top... more
Product information "Mister B LUBE Sensitive 250 ml"

If you have sensitive skin, use sensitive lube. Mister B LUBE Sensitive has all the top qualities of our regular water-based lubricant but better for sensitive skin. Still slippery and easy to use as our classic lube, but with the added responsive and restorative ingredients aloe vera and vitamin E to make your experience smoother and more pleasurable.

The last thing you want when you’re getting into action is to be bothered with irritated skin, but with Mister B LUBE Sensitive you can just enjoy the good times without the fear of any itchy or burning sensations. With aloe vera and vitamin E added, this lube is not only easier on all skin types, but it also restores the skin as friction from intercourse can cause irritation. This is a smooth and delicate lube made from ingredients known for nourishing the skin that promote overall skin health. Treat your skin to the ease of LUBE Sensitive when you play.

Mister B LUBE Sensitive comes in a bottle with a flip-top cap making it very easy to open and close, even with slippery fingers.


Mister B Lube Sensitive is a great value-for-money, all-purpose water-based lubricant. It feels velvety soft and is now longer-lasting than ever before. It can be combined with EVERYTHING.


It is made in Germany, a high-quality product and is non-toxic and tasteless. It is safe for oral, anal or vaginal play. As with most water-based lubes, this lube is latex and condom compatible because it is oil and fat-free. Water-based lubricants in general are also the only lubes that do not affect or deteriorate any toys, especially those made of soft silicone materials.



ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN, Glycine Soja, Aloe Barbadensis, Tocopherol

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