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E-Stim OMG Torpedo Electrode

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If you are looking for something truly massive but still usable and are not prepared to... mehr
Produktinformationen "E-Stim OMG Torpedo Electrode"

If you are looking for something truly massive but still usable and are not prepared to compromise then the E-Stim OMG Electrode is the one for you. OMG ( ‘Oh My God’) was originally designed as a display piece, but more and more people wanted one, so E-Stim decided to add the OMG to their product range. A massive 3 inch (7.5 cm) in diameter and weighing over 1.6 kg, the OMG is massive in every way. Because of its massive size, we only recommend its use with E-Stim control units, because a TENS unit will just not have the power needed to drive this beast. Like all E-Stim’s insertable electrodes, the use of a 4 mm cable is required for connection to your power box. The connectors are in its base. The OMG can be taken apart for cleaning, just don't drop it on your foot! Covered by a lifetime limited guarantee. Overall length: 175 mm (6.8 inches) Weight: 1558 g Diameter: 75 mm (3 inches approximately) Circumference/Girth: 235 mm (9.27 inch) Connections: dual 4mm sockets in base

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