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EXS Air Thin Condoms 12 Pack

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Mister B has added EXS Air Thin Condoms to his collection. The EXS Air Thin Condom is the... mehr
Produktinformationen "EXS Air Thin Condoms 12 Pack"

Mister B has added EXS Air Thin Condoms to his collection. The EXS Air Thin Condom is the thinnest latex condom in the world at 0.04 mm thick. The Lesbian and Gay Foundation in Manchester have written some fantastic comments about this condom. Customers have given some raving reviews about this condom: I couldn’t tell I was wearing one! Feels like wearing nothing! Can I have some more of those please? Best condom I've ever used Don’t normally use condoms (happily married) but I'd use these! Better fit and feeling Feels like skin on skin This 12 Pack contains 12 ultra thin teat ended condoms, specially designed for extra sensitivity. Easy on-width (56 mm), length 190-195 mm. EXS Silicone lubricated condoms have no latex smell.

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